Exotic, elegant, and inspiring are the words that first come to mind upon meeting Drew Bird. At first her direct gaze and bald head are disconcerting, but her lighthearted whimsical smile soon puts one at ease. Her creative world is an intoxicating journey that is at times, uncanny and futuristic, beautifully ancient, and at other times tribal and stimulating. When asked where she gets her ideas she just smiles and replies, ”I don’t think these ideas up, I dream them. In my sleep I learned to design, it’s a gift I take seriously.”

Dallas Texas was the home for her first fashion shows and videos. The name of her company, HATMOSPHERE, manifested from the thought that each hat carries it’s own atmosphere, sensual, powerful, and inviting.

Accepting an invitation to move to NYC was the next necessary step toward her career. The established milliner Frank Olive met Drew at a trunk show in Neiman Marcus, he recognized her ability and invited her to come work with him. Unfortunately his illness prevented that dream from coming to it’s fruition.

Left to her own devices she landed a job in Parsons Mears, a Broadway costume shop. There under the scrutinizing eye of Jim Mears she constructed hats for such extravagant musical productions such  as Cat’s, Starlight express, and Phantom of the Opera just to mention a few.

Soon the call to Hollywood pulled her to the west coast where she has designed for a number of films, commercials and performers. Shape shifting between the world of cinema and the world of fashion offers her the challenges she needs.

Her goal is to one day design for Las Vegas shows, and work with some of the modern day greats on the runways of the world. Some things you can always depend on from Drew Bird are top quality, freedom of expression, and a unique intelligent view of style.

Her current project is the development of a show based on wearable art. She claims there are no limits to what one can wear on the head.



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